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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is WebRunner
A: WebRunner is a product that accelerates your Web surfing experience using your existing phone jack and modem with NO additional equipment and NO waiting! It's the high-speed surfing solution with the convenience of dial-up.

Q: How fast is WebRunner?
A: The exact amount of acceleration can vary, but with WebRunner you will notice a significantly faster experience when you visit Web sites, read your e-mail on the Web, and perform many other Web-based activities up to 6 times faster!

Q: How does WebRunner work?
A: Before the text and graphics that make up Web pages get sent to you over your phone line, WebRunner compresses them using a proprietary technology. Less data is sent so the download of pages and your surfing experience are that much faster! In addition, WebRunner stores elements of the Web sites you visit frequently so you do not have to re-download them every time you visit these sites.

Q: What browsers can I use with WebRunner?
A: WebRunner works with many popular browsers. The only requirement is that the browser must be able to support a proxy server.

Q: Will WebRunner speed up everything I do on the Web?
A: WebRunner accelerates certain text and graphics on Web pages. With WebRunner you will notice a significantly faster experience when you visit Web sites, read your e-mail on the Web, download email using an email client like Outook Express and perform many other Web-based activities. WebRunner will not currently accelerate file downloads such as music files, streaming media or secure web pages.

Q: What gets accelerated with WebRunner?

What will be accelerated?
Web pages - HTML, markup and JavaScript
Graphics including JPEG and GIF images

What will not be accelerated?
Streaming media, audio and video files
Secure pages, such as those used for online banking and credit card forms
Attachments such as music or digital photo.

File Transfers

Q: How Do I Sign up for WebRunner?
A: To add WebRunner to your existing service, please contact your Sales Person or your Account Manager.
If you are not currently a member and would like to inquire about our services, please click here to be directed to the contact us page.

Q: Where Can I Download WebRunner?
A: If you have already signed up for the WebRunner Acceleration service and need to download another copy, please click here.
To add WebRunner Plans to your services. Please contact your account manager.

Q: How do I install WebRunner?
A: Installation is very easy. Simply download the WebRunner installer and save it to your desktop. Then, double-click on the file to install WebRunner.
If you have already signed up for the WebRunner service and just need to download the software, click here.

Viewing Secure Pages when using WebRunner
WebRunner does not interfere with secure pages (such as those where you enter personal or credit card information), although it does not accelerate them either. You will not see speed improvements when viewing these types of pages.

Q: Does WebRunner speed up e-mail downloads?
A: Yes, WebRunner automatically accelerates your email traffic (POP3 and SMTP) for all popular email clients such as Eudora, Outlook, Outlook Express and Netscape Mail.  Other email clients should work transparently as well. WebRunner will also speed up Web-based e-mail programs such as webmail.

Q: Does WebRunner have any other built in features?
A: Yes. WebRunner has recently integrated a simple pop-up blocking technology that is efficient and powerful. This feature is built right into WebRunner and requires no extra software to be installed.

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