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Why WebRunner?

It's Fast! - With WebRunner you will be able to view web pages and read web email in a flash.

It's Easy! - All you need is a phone jack and a dialup internet connection. Start enjoying high-speed web surfing today with NO additional equipment and NO waiting.

It's Low Cost! - WebRunner is just a fraction of the price of most DSL or Cable services.

So the question should be, why wouldn't you need WebRunner?

Throughput Tests*
Artera Turbo™
Averaged Cached Throughput 1529 kb 839 kb 411 kb 839 kb 55kb
Highest Average Throughput 2293 kb 1020 kb 784 kb 1308 kb 58 kb
Lowest Average Throughput 1515 kb 777 kb 254 kb 292 kb 56 kb
Average Default Acceleration 1038 kb 743 kb 62 kb 460 kb 57 kb
Average Maximum Acceleration 2020 kb 935 kb 760 kb 1217 kb 57 kb

*Throughput tests were performed by calculating the time it takes for the connection to download a 414kb JPEG photo and 340kb of text. Tests were performed off of servers on the east and west coasts of the continental United States and avereaged together to find a range at the default and maximum acceleration levels. The information above is only an approximate average and is only one possibility of the speeds that you will receive with the WebRunner product. Actual performance may vary depending on the computer, line conditions, and many other factors. This information is for comparison purposes and not to be used as legal information. AcceleNet is a registered trademark of Intelligent Compression Technologies, Inc. Artera Turbo is a registered trademark of Artera Group, Inc. ProxyConn is a registed trademark of ProxyConn, Inc.

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