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What is WebRunner?
WebRunner is a program that accelerates your Web surfing experience using your existing phone jack and modem with NO additional equipment and NO waiting! It's the hi-speed surfing solution with the convenience of dialup Internet Service!

How does WebRunner work?
Before the text and graphics that make up Web pages are sent to you over your phone line, WebRunner compresses them using a proprietary technology. Less data is sent, allowing pages to load faster, pushing your Internet experience to the max! In addition, WebRunner stores elements of the web sites you visit frequently so you do not have to re-download them every time you visit the site, saving you even more time on the page load!

Why do I need WebRunner?
It's Fast! - With WebRunner you will be able to view web pages and read web email in a flash.

It's Easy! - All you need is a phone jack and a dialup internet connection. Start enjoying high-speed web surfing today with NO additional equipment and NO waiting.

It's Low Cost! - WebRunner is just a fraction of the price of most DSL or Cable services.

So the question should be, why wouldn't you need WebRunner?

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